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For Dazzling Students: Our New Mini-Website Primer on Salesforce/Dreamforce

photo from a video about the power of salesforce
Tony Robbins Video: The Power of Salesforce

To help get students excited about the labs up front, we put together a website to dazzle them with Salesforce facts & figures and some images and videos from their over-the-top annual users' conference, Dreamforce that brings 140,000 attendees to San Francisco every Fall.

The website connects to a playlist of 80 2-minute YouTube videos, each featuring a different company and how they used Salesforce to innovate–GE, Amazon, Toyota, GM, Dunkin Donuts, Fitbit, Coke, Shazam, Intuit, Eli Lilly, Farmer’s Insurance, Western Union, American Express, Verizon, Unilever, Mattel, Sony PlayStation, Financial Times, Rossignol, Stanley/Black & Decker...

There are also videos that show how Salesforce is used in the different functional areas of business: Accounting, Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, HR and emerging areas like IoT.

This is a company that just built the tallest building on the west coast of North America. They were named the Most Innovative company in the world by Forbes six of the last seven years straight. But students seem to love the concert artists best so we added of images of the crazy Dreamforce events: raves, concerts featuring U2, Lennie Kravitz, Bruno Mars, Foo Fighters, etc...

Overall, it's a great way to grab their attention.

Check it out at:


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