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Max Labs featured on IBM's Business Schooled podcast!

Super-honored & excited to "appear" in a recent episode of the hashtag#BusinessSchooled podcast, chatting with host Daryl Pereira, senior brand & content strategist at hashtag#IBM, about how we've been using "storification" at hashtag#SJSU –– engaging Business students learning technology through a fictional peer student and influencer we created and named "Max." 

In a series of blog postings, Max relates how she goes from total non-techie to figuring out how she can build zero-code/high-impact solutions at work, and she shows her "followers" (our students) how, step-by-step, so they live her experience vicariously, build the same solutions, and get the hang of doing it themselves in their own careers. 

It really works! In fact, some students even wanted to get to know Max more! Check out the full episode here:


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