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Try the Labs - Free! (if you're an instructor)

IF YOU'RE AN INSTRUCTOR, you can try out the labs yourself for free. Just let us know more about you by submitting the form below. When you click the "Submit" button, the link for downloading the lab materials will be emailed to you instantly. Then, within 48 hours, a real human will follow up via email with a promo code so you can work through them yourself without paying the $19.99 student fee. (Note: The first lab exercise, 1a, can always be worked for free by anyone.) Working the labs yourself is the best way to learn what they're really like. Start with the 1-page QuickStart for Instructors located in the same folder with the other materials at the link you'll receive.

IF YOU'RE A STUDENT THIS WON'T WORK, sorry, so don't bother. You'll need to purchase Max's Pitch Package by following the instructions at the beginning of Lab 1b. Or if you're experiencing financial hardship, see your instructor. 

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