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Check out these students reflecting on their experience with the Max Labs (2:14)


We are honored that out AMCIS paper describing the Max Labs "Innovating Business Systems Labs for Engaging iGeneration Students"was named the AIS Best Conference Paper in IS Education for 2016.  

And a teaching case about the Max Labs was named as a Teaching Innovation Excellence Competition Finalist at the 2016 European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Response has been overwhelmingly positive both from faculty and from students. 


Faculty love the ability to "concretize" the concepts for students by referring to the labwork during class discussions of course topics like Database, Process Automation, Digital Transformation, Cloud, Enterprise, User Experience, Analytics, Mobile, CRM, and Social Business. And we've collected data that suggests using the labs may improve students' self-efficacy for course learning objectives as well as student evaluations of their instructor.

And the students...well, here's a sample of student comments from the anonymous feedback forms:​
  • “I like the backstories for each lab. Makes it more human and less of just instructions.”

  • “I really enjoyed reading the blog postings. I’m really into blog posts so it only makes sense.”

  • “It was very challenging for me. It made my brain hurt…but so worth it.” 

  • “I thought creating an app was very difficult, but thanks to Salesforce, I learned how in a few easy steps.”

  • “I felt engaged because I felt like I was learning something useful for my future career.”

  • “Great job keeping me engaged. Fun!”

  • “I feel smart. ☺”

Below is a graph from Fresno State University's Learning Effectiveness Assessment Report to display the large jumps in learning students experienced after going through the labs. You can view the full report here.

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 17.48.11.png
Faculty Reviews

Max Labs are a great avenue for students to gain hands-on experience on important MIS topics such as data management, business processes, and customer relationship management. The labs are developed in an interesting and engaging way. Unlike many hands-on assignments, Max Labs describe the rationale behind every step; thus enabling students to learn “why” they do what they are asked to do. The timely responses of the support team and especially Dr. Hill is exemplary. During the semester, I never feel that I am left alone to deal with students’ questions about the labs as the support team always provides useful and timely responses to our queries.

Sepideh Ebrahimi

York University

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