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Bringing "Intro to Systems" to life for the iGeneration


hands-on learning

no hassle  •  no coding   •  almost free

and now...

self-contained, self-grading, & self-supporting!

  • No platform (Salesforce) knowledge/exp needed for students or instructors: built-in self-grading, self-support allows focus on conceptual learning

  • Innovative “storified” approach engages iGen students w/humor & good story-telling (AIS Best Conference Paper on IS Education, 2016)

  • Concretizes core concepts: Database, Process Automation, Enterprise, User Experience, Analytics, Mobile, CRM, Social Business, Cloud,…

  • Non-tech students build apps with no coding on Salesforce’s leading enterprise platform (Forbes - #1 Most Innovative)

  • Students work in the cloud anywhere using any browser/device anytime (totally online-friendly)

  • Six exercise/episodes: each fits into one class (75 min) or assign as homework

  • Great for both F2F and online courses

  • Easy to administer: self-contained PDFs include everything—students manage their own logins/pws

  • Smart grader app gives students instant feedback & explains fixes for any snags

  • Almost free: students pay just $19.99 thru PayPal. All online. No bookstore hassle. 



“The Max Labs are a great avenue for students to gain hands-on experience on important MIS topics such as data management, business processes, and customer relationship management. The labs are developed in an interesting and engaging way. Unlike many hands-on assignments, Max Labs describe the rationale behind every step; thus enabling students to learn “why” they do what they are asked to do.”

Sepideh Ebrahimi

York University

Join schools like Temple University, University of Arkansas, University of Hawaii, York University, Friedrich - Alexander University Erlangen - Nürnberg and others! 

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