Bringing "Intro to Systems" to life for the iGeneration


experiential, hands-on learning

no hassle  •  no coding   •  almost free

  • Innovative “storified” approach engages iGen students w/humor & good story-telling (AIS Best Conference Paper on IS Education, 2016)

  • Concretizes core concepts: Database, Process Automation, Digital Transformation, Enterprise, User Experience, Analytics, Mobile, CRM, Social Business, Cloud,…

  • Non-tech students build apps with no coding on Salesforce’s leading enterprise platform (Forbes - #1 Most Innovative)

  • Students work in the cloud anywhere using any browser/device anytime

  • Six exercise/episodes: each fits into one class (75 min) or assign as homework

  • Easy to integrate: annotated instructor version calls out embedded teaching points, color-coded by concept

  • Easy to grade: students simply submit screen captures to confirm completion 

  • Easy to administer: self-contained PDFs include everything—students manage their own logins/passwords

  • Student support site introduces, motivates, provides deeper dives & self-troubleshooting for any snags 

  • Almost free: students pay just $19.99 thru PayPal. All online. No bookstore hassle. 

Join schools like Temple, University of Arkansas, Friedrich - Alexander University Erlangen - Nürnberg, University of Hawaii, York, UMass-Dartmouth and more! 

"Max Labs are a great avenue for students to gain hands-on experience on important MIS topics such as data management, business processes, and customer relationship management. The labs are developed in an interesting and engaging way. Unlike many hands-on assignments, Max Labs describe the rationale behind every step; thus enabling students to learn “why” they do what they are asked to do. The timely responses of the support team and especially Dr. Hill is exemplary. During the semester, I never feel that I am left alone to deal with students’ questions about the labs as the support team always provides useful and timely responses to our queries."

Sepideh Ebrahimi

York University