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Big News – Labs now Self-grading & Self-supporting!!

We're so excited! After a super-successful beta test last Fall, we're moving the Max Labs Grader app to full release for this Spring!

The free grader app provides students with immediate feedback, on-demand, as they're working! It not only tells them their scores by checkpoint, but also lists any mistakes found and gives them context-specific instructions on how to fix them!

When they're finished, the apps lets them generate a secure, water-marked grade certificate showing their name, student ID & score for recording. No more grading screencaps! The labs are now self-grading...and they're self-supporting too!

Instructors who beta-tested the grader last Fall have raved about how much time it saves them by eliminating grading and also minimizing student questions. And students love knowing their grades instantly and being able to improve their scores before submitting.

Sorry for all the exclamation points but it's just that cool!


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