Response has been overwhelmingly positive both from faculty and from students. 

Faculty like how they can refer back to the labs during class discussions of various chapters–Cloud Computing, Database, CRM, Enterprise Systems, Social Business–to "concretize" the concepts. We've seen evidence suggesting the labs play a role in improving students' self-efficacy for course learning objectives, even those that are not directly connected to the labs themselves. There's also some indication that the labs can have a positive impact on student evaluations of faculty.

Students...well, here's a sample of student comments from the anonymous feedback forms:
  • “I like the backstories for each lab. Makes it more human and less of just instructions.”
  • “I really enjoyed reading the blog postings. I’m really into blog posts so it only makes sense.”
  • “It was very challenging for me. It made my brain hurt…but so worth it.” 

  • “I thought creating an app was very difficult, but thanks to Salesforce, I learned how in a few easy steps.”
  • “I felt engaged because I felt like I was learning something useful for my future career.”
  • “Great job keeping me engaged. Fun!”
  • “I feel smart. ☺”