At the School of Information Systems and Technology at San Jose State University, we struggled for years to find a good set of hands-on lab exercises for the classic Intro to Business Systems course we teach, required for Business majors. All Business schools teach a course like this. There had to be a good lab solution out there.
All we wanted was to find labs that would
  • get students' "hands dirty" with leading-edge enterprise technology (w/o stressing our IT team & infrastructure),
  • truly develop conceptual understanding, rather than rote memorization drills on menus & buttons,
  • fit flexibly into the course (we use an "army" of different instructors, each with their own style, topic sequencing, etc.)
  • relieve instructors' "pain points"–easy to run (no account admin hassles), ok for Macs, easy to grade, cheap to students, etc,
  • help us teach innovation–a degree-level learning objective that the college relies on our course to cover, so key to our AACSB accreditation and...
  • actually be fun & engaging to our "iGen" students (maybe inspire some intellectual curiosity & motivation, even?).